[systemd-devel] umount NFS problem

Harald Dunkel harald.dunkel at aixigo.de
Fri Apr 5 06:28:43 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

I've got a device-busy-problem with /home, mounted via NFS.
Shutdown of the host takes more than 180 secs. See attached
log file.

Apparently the umount of /home at 81925.154995 failed, (device
busy, in my case it was a lost gpg-agent). This error was
ignored, the NFS framework was shut down, the network was
stopped, and then it was too late to properly handle the /home
mount point.

AFAIK the mount units are generated from /etc/fstab, so I wonder
if this could be improved?

The hosts (about 50 developer PCs) are running Debian 9, systemd
232-25+deb9u9. Unfortunately we are bound to this platform at
least for another year.

Every helpful hint is highly appreciated.

aixigo AG, Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 68, 52072 Aachen, Germany
phone: +49 241 559709-79, fax: +49 241 559709-99
eMail: harald.dunkel at aixigo.de, web: http://www.aixigo.de
Amtsgericht Aachen - HRB 8057, Vorstand: Erich Borsch, Christian Friedrich, Tobias Haustein, Vors. des Aufsichtsrates: Prof. Dr. Ruediger von Nitzsch
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