[systemd-devel] Using systemd.offline-updates from an ostree based system

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:10:11 UTC 2019

 Hi all,

I use the offline updates feature
in fwupd to install some kinds of firmware. I've just found out this
doesn't work on Fedora SilverBlue as / is immutable and of course
creating the /system-update symlink fails.

I'm using the offline update mode rather than updating "live" as I'm
updating the keyboard controller itself, which means the keyboard (and
power button!) is disabled and various things like ACPI battery
reporting also get upset for the 30 seconds of flashing. I'm stuck for
ideas. I suppose I could write a new boot entry (BLS?) that has a new
kernel command line argument set to go into system-update.target (and
patch src/system-update-generator/system-update-generator.c) although
I don't think BLS has the concept of a "oneshot" entry that would
delete after running it once.

All ideas welcome, thanks.


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