[systemd-devel] systemctl list all possible (including unloaded) services

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 15:27:17 UTC 2019

Hello, I'm trying to answer this question:


Basically, I have a my_service.service that is disabled, I wish I
could "see that it is an option to start" by running systemctl, but it
doesn't seem to show up in any incantation of queries.  The reason
being I wanted to check that some /etc/init.d/XX scripts "had an
autogenerated service equivalent or not" and some were showing up in
the systemctl lists and some weren't (the disabled ones weren't, even
though still controllable by systemctl).  It was some newbie confusion
but still...confusing.

My hunch is that since it isn't auto started it is never "loaded" and
then doesn't appear in any query (if this is the case I really wish a
new command could be created to "list all units installed on the

systemd 219 in this case.


-Roger Pack-

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