[systemd-devel] systemd-nspawn and cgroup hybrid mode

Antoine Pietri antoine.pietri1 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 12:09:21 UTC 2019


I have a probably dumb question for which I couldn't find an answer in
the docs. I'm trying to make a program that uses the cgroupv1 API run
into a systemd-nspawn container. In the host, I know that I can just
look at /proc/self/cgroup to see the path of my cgroup and write stuff
there. The legacy cgroup tree is properly created on the host:

$ systemd-run --pty find /sys/fs/cgroup/ | grep 'run-u[0-9]' | grep

But when I'm in the container, it doesn't work anymore. Running the
same command returns no results. Now, this is most certainly due to
the fact that in the container, /sys/fs/cgroup is mounted in read-only
so systemd can't create anything in /sys/fs/cgroup/memory... but then,
what is the proper way to write into the legacy cgroups? I also tried
to turn on Delegate=true to see if it would change something, but it


Antoine Pietri

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