[systemd-devel] interacting with logind to detect user idle time

Germano Massullo germano.massullo at gmail.com
Thu May 16 15:12:35 UTC 2019

To do practise I am using NetworkManager example [1]
All macros passed as arguments to functions
are implemented at [2].
Is there an equivalent of [2] for logind? I made a quick search into
systemd repository [3] but I am getting too many results with the
search words I am using. I just need to figure out what parameters I
have to pass to the previous functions in order to retrieve
IdleSinceHint property

Thank you for your time

[1]: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/tree/examples/C/glib/list-connections-gdbus.c
[2]: https://github.com/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/blob/master/libnm-core/nm-dbus-interface.h
[3]: https://github.com/systemd/systemd

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