[systemd-devel] Fwd: Excess of StartLimitBurst

Alexander Mykolaichyk to4koo at gmail.com
Mon May 20 07:59:18 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Help me please with my problem.
For example, I have systems service config with such parameters:


systemd version = 215

After the system boot up I can restart the service 4 times with systemctl
restart service. But all other services can be restarted 3 times.

As I understand and after I looked to the systemd sources - StartLimitBurst
is the limit for start/restart operations and after boot up there are
possibility for restarting the service only 3 times during
StartLimitInterval. When new StartLimitInterval is started I can restart
the service 4 times.

So why counter for start/restart operation for my service is reseted after
the service is started and I can restart my service 4 times?
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