[systemd-devel] suggestion: auto reload as the default to help packagers?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu May 30 14:27:00 UTC 2019

Am 30.05.19 um 16:16 schrieb Roger Pack:
> Had a thought the other day...
> Seems like many packages (ex: rpm's) that includes a *.service file
> may eventually be required to call
> systemctl daemon-reload
> in the package, for new file changes to "take."
> This causes bugs like
> https://github.com/StackStorm/st2-packages/issues/495 (which lists
> other reports of this problem near the bottom).
> Seeing as one goal of systemd is to DRY up installation and running of
> services so that people can't "accidentally mess things up" through
> their own init.d files...perhaps that principle could be expanded upon
> to help make it so that package creators also can't "accidentally mess
> things up"?  Maybe the default could be to reload units automatically,
> ?  With a configuration option to not to, so that package creators
> don't *all* have to remember to daemon-reload, since not all do?
> Just a thought, thinking out loud.

but when given the overhead every time for every packge due "dnf
--releasever=30 distro-sync"

IMHO that belong in the package manager like rpm filetriggers

maybe better systemd should have a default enabled option that "Warning:
st2chatops.service changed on disk. Run 'systemctl daemon-reload' to
reload units" is just done automatically and in the best case only for
changed units instead spit in the logs

the proposal don't help fro changes in /etc/systemd/system at runtime
where i get angry every time when i restart a service after a chngae and
get that silly warning which even don't skip restart the service

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