[systemd-devel] the need for a discoverable sub-volumes specification

Chris Murphy lists at colorremedies.com
Wed Nov 3 17:52:06 UTC 2021

There is a Discoverable Partitions Specification

The problem with this for Btrfs, ZFS, and LVM is a single volume can
represent multiple use cases via multiple volumes: subvolumes (btrfs),
datasets (ZFS), and logical volumes (LVM). I'll just use the term
sub-volume for all of these, but I'm open to some other generic term.

None of the above volume managers expose the equivalent of GPT's
partition type GUID per sub-volume.

One possibility that's available right now is the sub-volume's name.
All we need is a spec for that naming convention.

An early prototype of this idea was posted by Lennart:

Lennart previously mentioned elsewhere that this is probably outdated.
So let's update it and bring it more in line with the purpose and goal
set out in the discoverable partition spec, which is to obviate the
need for /etc/fstab.

Chris Murphy

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