[Tango-artists] whither addressbook?

Rodney Dawes dobey at novell.com
Fri Apr 14 10:58:12 PDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-14 at 12:07 -0500, Nathan Willis wrote:
> Well, I did notice that, but I think it still leaves the underlying
> question unanswered: why is there no addressbook app icon?

Because one has not been drawn, and we are trying to keep the metaphors
between app icons and mime type icons, different. We want to have the
metaphors for app icons be tool/brand related, and the mime types to be
more about the content.

> I'll be happy to document my adventures on Symbian, of course.  At
> this stage in the game, the missing pieces are the big obstacle. 

They shouldn't be. Tango is not simply about an icon theme, and putting
it in as many places as possible. If you have good metaphor suggestions
for dealing with the different applications, and the file types they
deal with, it would be good to hear them, so we can check them out, and
possibly use and recommend them, if they fit well.

> (While we're on the subject: there's no clock icon either, which is
> kind of important.  And why is there both an "office-calendar" _and_
> an "x-office-calendar" -- and why on earth are they different?) 

The calendar bit is described above. A calendar application is not the
same as the file which contains the calendar contents, with all of the
events, meetings, recurrances, and such. As for the clock icon, why is
it so important? I *NEVER* see a clock icon on my desktop, unless I go
to add something to the panel, as it is one of the first applets listed.
Also, we have not decided on a naming scheme for icons for applets and
the like yet. Just calling it "clock" seems inappropriate to me. Clock
icons are used to mean different things all over the UI. As I said
above, Tango is not just an icon theme. You shouldn't expect it to just
have as many icons as there are in other icon themes, just because it
does provide a theme. The goals of the theme are to push the style and
the naming specification, and to help push to have better looking icons
on the desktop, by reducing the number of icons used in total.

-- dobey

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