[Tango-artists] Orca icon

Ulisse ulisail at yahoo.it
Thu Dec 7 13:33:26 PST 2006

I like very much that icon, nice work!

I think that the blind-stick should be a little more distant from the
orca, in order to distinguish better the two shapes.
See attached mockup, a picture is better than 1000 words (and icons are
just about that :)

Stephen Brandt ha scritto:
> Voting is closed, the stick is a go! Although I don't think the stick
> will make it to the smaller (16 and 22) sizes.
> Stephen Brandt wrote:
>> Thanks!
>> You're right that it would be better if the icon reveals a bit what
>> the application is about. I've attached a version with a blind stick
>> added. I think the power and recognisability of the orca is a little
>> lessened but the function of the application is quit clear now.
>> More feedback and opinions are very welcome.
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