[Tango-artists] name spec removals

Jakub Steiner jimmac at novell.com
Mon Dec 18 10:59:39 PST 2006

Hi Rodney,
going through the naming spec, I think it would be beneficial to remove
a few items that I think belong to either a specific application or an
-extra set. Defining naming for these extra ones is good, but having a
manageable small generic desktop set is what we aim with this spec.
Having similar document for specific devices, electronic communication
and time management would be a better approach. 

My suggestions for removal are:


address-book-new 	- Something you very rarely do. (I do take contact
			  management as crucial to the desktop).
help-about		- Not a crucial/important functionality.
mail-*			- Do mail clients deserve having their icons
			  shipped in a global theme while, say archive 
			  managers don't? I think these should be MUA-local.
select-all		- Not a common action.


face-devil-sad		- I simply don't understand the emotion. 
			  Maybe it just needs a better explanation.
appointment-missed/soon	- Again, this sounds like a calendaring app specific stuff.


Jakub Steiner <jimmac at novell.com>
Novell, Inc.

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