[Tango-artists] Tango-style Feed (RSS) icon

Steven Garrity stevelist at silverorange.com
Wed Feb 22 15:57:19 PST 2006

I did up some Tango-style Feed icons (you know, the little orange RSS 
beacon thingy).

I've got all three sizes done with SVG. They can be found here:


After I did this, I discovered that someone had already done the larger 
version and posted it with a freedesktop.org bug report: 

That one has a stroke on the inside white shape, which is kinda nice. 
Probably needs to be dropped on the smaller sizes though (which I have 

I think these feed icons fall under some general swath of "things that 
dobey hates", but I think we'll have to deal with them somehow.

Steven Garrity

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