[Tango-artists] Folder icon should have more suitable colour (yellow)

Bodo Tasche bodo at wannawork.de
Sun Feb 26 13:02:49 PST 2006

 From a Usability-Perspective Yellow is not a good choice for Folder- 
Items. Yellow is a Warning-Color and should be used accordingly.

And I know that Mozilla uses Yellow as Default and is not M$, but  
this doesn't relative my argumen. There is not a good reason to do  
something, because someone does it too. Blindly following some people  
is not best practice.


Am 26.02.2006 um 20:51 schrieb Daniel Schierbeck:

> I must admit that I too feel that the yellowish folder is the most  
> old-skool - the other transparent or colored ones just look like,  
> well, cheap plastic lookalikes.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> Petr Tomeš wrote:
>> Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, GNOME, OpenOffice.org is  
>> popular
>> and successfull open source projects runnable on many platforms and
>> operating systems. These aren't products of Microsoft, there are de
>> facto fully independent and unrelated on Microsoft, but all of them
>> use yellow folders by default artwork. Blue Tango icons are
>> inconsistent with all of them.


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