[Tango-artists] Folder icon should have more suitable colour (yellow)

Bodo Tasche bodo at wannawork.de
Mon Feb 27 00:43:26 PST 2006

For a Linux Distribution it's very easy to change Firefox and
Thunderbird to use the Tango Icon Theme as Default Theme. So the
complete Distribution is consistent. The way to go is to offer the Icon
Theme for as much Software as you can find. Only this would be  

If you only throw a bunch of software together, some use Tango, some
other Icon-Themes. You will have more important Problems than the Color
of the Folder-Icons. All Icons *look* different. Beginning with
Trash-Can ending with create new EMail.

And again:
Because it is used for > 10 Years is *not* an good argument. And Tango
doesn't want to mimic the Vista-Icon-Theme. That's a complete different

Am 27.02.2006 um 07:58 schrieb Petr Tomeš:

> 2006/2/27, Andreas Nilsson <nisses.mail at home.se>:
>> Folders seems to come in all kind of shades these days.
>> http://images.google.se/images? 
>> svnum=10&hl=sv&lr=&client=firefox&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US% 
>> 3Aunofficial&q=plastic+folders&btnG=S%C3%B6k
>> Blue is nice because it is the color the largest number of people  
>> like,
>> second runner up is red (if I recall my design classes correctly).  
>> There
>> are lots of color-variations for the tango-folders popping up on
>> gnome-look and similar sites, so I hope all those that wants another
>> color for their folders can find what they are looking for there.
> So why not make yellow-orange-related folder icons as default variant
> and provide tens other variants for everybody who wants them?
> There are many modern and stylish variants of yellow icons today so
> there is no doubt that yellow colour really *is not old-fashioned*:
> http://www.activewin.com/screenshots/vista/53081/
>> Now, let's focus on the important stuff! :)
>> - Andreas
> I think this is important stuff. Folders has been one of most used
> graphic elements on GUI of most applications for about 10 years and it
> is natural to have consistent (similar) colour representation of them
> across many open source projects because of user experience and habit.
> Petr
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