[Tango-artists] weather-*-night request

Frank Solensky frank at solensky.org
Tue Jul 11 05:41:43 PDT 2006

Hi all..

Some time back I had written some code for the Gnome gweather applet to
calculate sunrise and sunset times.  This lead to the request for the
weather-clear-night and weather-few-clouds-night icons that the applet
uses to replace the weather-clear and weather-few-clouds icons when the
current time suggests that it's dark outside.  Thanks muchly for those.

It couldn't have been more than a few days after the code was released
before someone filed a bug against it: "the weather applet is showing a
full moon when it's actually only 17% full".  Sigh...

I've written some more code to calculate the current phase of the moon
and would like to request some artwork to be done up for it.  It would
entail creating either eight or sixteen images so that the applet could
select the icon that most closely approximates the current moon phase.
And promise that if someone files a bug that the icons don't include
solar and lunar eclipses, I'll change the status to "cannot
reproduce" ;-)

Would this list be the correct place to send the request for the
artwork?  If not, please advise.  And thanks in advance.

   -- Frank

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