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> Hello Rodney
> With the project it is a question of customer enquiries which would like  
> a
> new heating system. In this case we calculate the wish and the
> recommendation by means of specific questions which heating for every  
> single
> one into consideration comes.
> The software determines in each case a result for wish (ecological  
> attitude
> etc.) and for the recommendation (technical and financial feasibility).
> In this case there are 5 global heating types. Now as written: Solar,
> geothermal heat, gas, oil, wood. The wish and the recommendation are
> indicated as an icon so that one sees at a glance which heating it is a
> question of.
> The data records are represented in an overview: ID, date, place, zip  
> code,
> valency, WISH, RECOMMENDATION, Details etc.
> For gas for example a pipeline with blue / yellow flame.
> For geothermal heat a house with blue (for cooling) and red (for heat)  
> tube
> into the earth.
> It is supposed to be recognizable in this case at the icon at a glance  
> which
> heating type it is a question of.
> The format could be 22 x 22 Pixel.
> Carsten
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I wonder.. Is this something you/your company makes a profit
out of? Atleast I feel its a bit dodgy asking for someone
here to make an icon for you, at least if you don't propose
some kind of wager for the guy doing it, since I hardly can
see icons for heating solutions fit into the Tango library.


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