[Tango-artists] Icons for Little Wizard

Marcin Kwadrans quar at vitea.pl
Sat Aug 11 07:25:53 PDT 2007


I've created application intended to be used by primary school children
to learn about the main elements of computer languages. It's called
Little Wizard. More information at: http://littlewizard.sourceforge.net

I've received some positive feedback about that application, but people
often point me out that graphic is not very good. Could you help me and
create some new icons and improve existing ones? I'm working on new
version of application, and I think it'll be good moment to introduce
some changes in graphics.

Especially I really need more "world" icons, (it's kind of pieces of
puzzle, but with that difference it's should be possible to create
various pictures from the same elements). Good example how it should
work is "house" icons (run application, and find house picture in the
upper part of window, try drag and drop them in the bottom part of
window, you can see it's kind of puzzles, you can create different
"houses" from the same elements).

What exactly should be created as "world" icons, is up to you. Some my
ideas: palace (seen from front), dungeons (seen as vertical section)...
All that things that are connected to main hero: Wizard. World (set of
world icons) is a background for wizard. Wizard acts like turtle in Logo
(it's controlled by program created by child), but it doesn't draw
lines, but it can create some elements of world (f.i. it can create
house for himself) or/and it can move in world that already exists. Some
other ideas of world icon: school blackboard, because wizard can
calculate some simple expressions, it's good to have place where wizard
can create results of that operations.

I think it's also needed some icons of world that will be integral part
of world (same style) but are not "puzzle like", but just single icons.
Once again what it’ll be, is up to you. Some my ideas: icon of magic
potion, rock, diamond, some other items connected with world of wizards.
Other idea: some magic creatures, like spider, snake, maybe some other
"bug" creatures.

My little dream is creating environment, that can be used, for creating
some simple games (like rock's and diamonds, sokoban, snake etc). Games
that can be "played" on board similar to chess board, where you can put
elements of world and operate on them (move them, create new ones,
remove some, etc).

I also need some new icons of elements of the program. Program is not
set of letters and digits, but set of icons representing commands. For
example there are icons: go, turn left, turn right, create, calculate
etc (icons are needed for controlling the wizard by child). I'll need
some new icons of commands, I can prepare some draft how them should
look like, and purpose of them.

Hint: All icons (world and command icons) should have size of 40x40
pixels and should have transparent background (preferably in PNG

I'll appreciate any help (even if you are able to create only part of
new icons).

Best regards,

Marcin Kwadrans

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