[Tango-artists] Tango icons on OSNews

Thom Holwerda slakje at quicknet.nl
Mon Aug 27 14:28:22 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know we have used a small selection of the Tango icon
set on OSNews. You can see the 8 icons we have used here:


Basically, when we post a news item in a category with a Tango icon, said
icon will appear on our front page.

We have posted a creditline at the bottom of our webpage, stating we use
icons from the Tango Project, with a link to the Tango homepage. If we need
to do anything else to properly comply with the Tango license, feel free to
let us know.

Thank you for your hard work on the Tango icon set! I subscribed to this
mailing list, so no need to cc me specifically.

Thom Holwerda
Managing editor at http://www.osnews.com

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