[Tango-artists] Preposition of a Sync icon, GNOME Icon Theme

Vinicius Depizzol vdepizzol at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 10:03:27 PDT 2007

Hello Lapo,

This is sync-synchronizing rendered in all sizes. I'll give a try in
sync-error and emblem-synchronized soon as possible.

Thank you :)

On 8/30/07, Lapo Calamandrei <calamandrei at gmail.com> wrote:
> Those arrows alone looks too similar to view refresh, the other is
> mostly the same as the old one. I'd suggest you to start from 22x22
> which is the most visible. Anyway as I said, we need the whole set of
> sync icons (status/sync-synchronizing, status/sync-error,
> emblems/emblem-synchronized) so please give a try at the others as
> well.
> Lapo
> 2007/8/29, Vinicius Depizzol <vdepizzol at gmail.com>:
> > The grey dots aren't really well... maybe any of the attachments are
> > possibly better?
> >
> > Obrigado :)

Vinicius Depizzol
vdepizzol at gmail.com
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