[Tango-artists] CC-SA/GPL Dual Licensing

Jon A. Cruz jon at joncruz.org
Fri Feb 23 19:37:57 PST 2007

On Feb 23, 2007, at 8:24 AM, Chris Van Patten wrote:

> I'm interested in using Tango icons for the default icons with  
> Synfig.  Right now, our icon library is stylistically very  
> disjointed, and not very appealing to the eye.  Tango would help us  
> solve this problem, and further we would be helping users who have  
> used Tango-ized applications in the past transition into Synfig  
> more easily.
> Unfortunately, as I know you all are aware, Tango icons (at least  
> the default library) is licensed under the CC-SA license.  I'm a  
> huge fan of Creative Commons, I use it for my own films.  However  
> Synfig is GPL licensed and thus we cannot use the default library.

Hi Chris,

There's a solution that is slightly more involved, but solves a lot  
more in the long run. That's to switch to the icon naming spec and  
dynamic loading. The goal would be that once synfig is installed on a  
system with Tango icons installed, the end user would get those used  
without them having been distributed in synfig's package itself.

The Tango naming spec covers the basics:

There are some "Additional Sets"

The one of primary interest would be the ArtLibreSet

I am not a "Tango person" per se, but I am involved with icons and  
their usage. I'm working on implementing icon support in Inkscape  
( http://www.inkscape.org/ ) to follow the Tango naming spec and to  
leverage the ArtLibreSet. I'm also the person adding icon-specific  
support in Inkscape. Anyway, I'm still halfway through doing  
Inkscape's "icon Tangofication", but it's the more grunt-work half of  
trying to reconcile the names and abstract concepts, etc. Having  
another art app as a consumer of the ArtLibreSet would be very good,  
and help all needed icons get listed in it.

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