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Sun Jul 1 14:17:40 PDT 2007

2007/7/1, Eric <cephelo at gmail.com>:
> Some of them new gnome-icon-theme icons are great, for instance, the
> star icon. However, I see that the gnome-icon-theme appears to
> strictly be under the GPL. Does the GPL imply that if I use the icon
> on my blog that my closed-source (it's not worth open sourcing) back
> end code needs to be GPL'd since the closed-source code renders the
> HTML which in turn references the icons?
> From prior discussions, closed-source and commercial websites can use
> the tango icons with appropriate link and "by line". I could find no
> such reference in the gnome-icon-theme/COPYING file.
> There have been a few discussions on this list regarding licensing,
> too, on websites and on commercial apps. From what I recall, the
> questions were deferred to a lawyer, but I haven't heard anything on
> the subject since around 2006. One outstanding question I recall is
> using the Tango CCBYSA icons in a closed-source Windows application
> (since Windows doesn't have a theming framework for icons). In that
> case, icons *must* be bundled with an application... would an
> appropriate link in the program directory and "About" menu be
> sufficient?
I don't know, might be, though. Anyway, you shouldn't worry about that if
you're not going to release anything, as licences do their thing when
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