[Tango-artists] Looking for artists to expand emoticon set (for pay)

Jeff Marshall marshman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 17:41:40 PDT 2007

The emoticon quality and style in the Tango project is great.  I am
looking for an icon artist(s) that would be interested in greatly
expanding the set of emoticons for a project I am involved with, and
we'd be happy to pay for the work and have the icons be released into
the public domain and back into the Tango project if desired.

(If this is an inappropriate place to ask, please steer me toward a
better place.)

Probably looking for 50-ish emoticons / mood smileys.  The list would
include things like Angry, Bored, Busy, Depressed, Intoxicated,
Stressed, Sick, Horny, Impatient, Pensive, Pissed, Silly, Sleepy,
Confused, Hungry, Nervous, Excited, etc, etc.  I'd want them to be in
the same style and have the same quality level as the current Tango
emoticon icons.

Please email me with a sample of your icon work, pricing, and your
availability.  I'm looking for someone that can work on it early this


Jeff Marshall
marshman at gmail.com

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