[Tango-artists] Waltz icon management system first release

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sat Mar 24 05:16:49 PDT 2007

It sounds pretty cool but I haven't used websvn before and don't know
how to check out the code... =\


On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 12:23 +0100, Juan Colino wrote:
> Some time ago I send a mail to the list announcing that I was working
> in a project about making an icon management program. So here is the
> very first release.
> It's coded in python and uses pygtk. At the moment it only opens a
> directory and shows the icons it contains (by .png extension). I know
> there is a lot more to do but I would like to share it and start
> taking ideas from you guys about what features do you think should be
> nice to have. You just have to download it and exec the main python
> file, waltz.py. There is a README file if you have some troubles but
> you're smart guys. I'll appreciate ANY feedback.
> You can download it from: https://forja.rediris.es/projects/csl-waltz/
> [ in "ficheros" section for non-Spanish speakers  ;) ]
> There is also a main site in English:
> http://csl-waltz.forja.rediris.es
> and a blog in Spanish: http://waltz.wordpress.com
> and you can check out the code in:
> https://forja.rediris.es/websvn/wsvn/csl-waltz/?rev=0&sc=0
> For feedback you can use this tread,
> https://forja.rediris.es/projects/csl-waltz/ and my mail, juan.colino
> at gmail dot com
> Thanks guys. 
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