[Tango-artists] Request flag icons

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Mon Mar 26 04:47:27 PDT 2007

Niklas Karlsson wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all I want to thank you all for a great job.
> I’ am developing a web app that should need some tango love. If 
> someone have time and feel for it I should need some flags in 
> different colours. If you have used Outlook mail client few times you 
> maybe now that you can assign a flag to a mail. That is what I’m 
> looking for.
> The assigned file in this mail is from the 
> http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ icon theme.
> I don’t now if it’s right of me to request icons, but I think that 
> more peoples that I could use some kind for flag icon. Sorry for my 
> not perfect English.
> // Niklas
Hi Niklas!
Don't worry about the language. I spell like a five-year-old, and I 
haven't been kicked from the project this far. ;)
People keep apologizing for their limited english on this list. Don't 
worry about it dudes, the message gets across most of the times.
- Andreas

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