[Tango-artists] Dell XPS M1210

André Wyrwa a.wyrwa at gmx.de
Thu May 24 09:21:22 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 12:44 +0200, Jakub Steiner wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> it's awesome to see you improving. These are fab. 


> I would, however recommend to avoid using the XPS logotype not to step
> on trademarks. Dell has this wavy blue wallpaper you may want to
> mimickon the icon. Try using three shapes similar to the letters XPS.

I just played with it and i can change the shapes so that they are
different shapes (still roughly resembling the letters) while in 48x48 i
can't see any difference. Do you think that would be enough?

I'm also doing the M1210 without camera now (and thanks to al for the
hint about the blue media key leds). Plus there seems to be a variety of
M1710 versions...varying in silver/black outer casings and red/blue
leds. I decided to cater for the black version with red leds as well,
but not to do the blue led versions. So there will be five icons in the
series, now.

About the wallpaper...do you have a link? I can find seemingly official
wallpapers that are mostly black but have a blueish light falling in
from the top right corner. If that's what you mean...yes, i can try
implementing it.


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