[Tango-artists] Another License Enquiry

Ulisse Perusin ulisail at yahoo.it
Fri Sep 21 03:35:17 PDT 2007

Hi Mark,
IANAL, but I think it's not a problem to use a CC-By-SA artwork to print
on the shirts or the cards, as you are not actually "sharing" it.
At least you could print near the icon, in tiny letters, something like
"(c)Tango Project" and/or mention the shirts, the buisness card and all
the stuff you printed on the website.

That was just my 2 cents

Mark Unwin wrote:
> First, thanks to all the people who contribute to the Tango icon set -
> they rock, as do you.
> Second, can anyone tell me what issues there are, if I wish to use a
> Tango Icon on a business card / polo shirt ? I am starting a company to
> sell services based around OpenSource software, and would like to use
> one of the Tango icons in my companies logo. Online, I can simply make a
> license / attribution page, and am only too happy to do so. But what
> about printed material ? Polo-Shirts, Business Cards, etc ? I can't
> really put the licensing terms on those items.
> Can it be that I simply cannot use the icons for those purposes ? I
> really hope not !!!
> In the meantime, I shall go research the CC-SA license. If I can find an
> answer, will post back here, but any comments would be appreciated.
> TIA,
> Mark Unwin.
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