[Tango-artists] Status of CCASA to Public Domain Migration

Bryan Petty etierra at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 11:27:03 PST 2008


I'm interested in what the current progress is on the migration from
the CCASA license to the public domain.

Jakub first announced these plans back in July, I'm just curious how
many artists have been contacted about approving the release of their
icons to the public domain, and if this migration is being held back
because of rejections.

The wxWidgets project has been in desperate need of a new icon set to
use for default stock art for platforms that don't provide an
'official' set (pretty much just Windows and Mac OS X and other minor
platforms, the GTK+ theme is used on Linux). Obviously it makes sense
to use a "cross-platform" set of icons for a cross-platform GUI
toolkit, so I've really been trying to advocate the inclusion of the
Tango Project set, but wxWidgets is licensed under the wxWindows
Licence, which is basically LGPL with an exception clause for binary
distribution with closed source applications, so obviously the CCASA
license was never a good fit.

I think it would be great for the two projects to collaborate in this
way. The icons could be distributed and used with hundreds of
applications on all platforms gaining wider recognition for the
actions those icons represent, and of course we avoid any duplication
of effort in building and maintaining a quality set of cross-platform

Bryan Petty

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