[Tango-artists] some new gnome toolbar icons

Hannes flaxxen at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 10 11:51:55 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,
I created some new Icons (attached) for a toolbar, based on the GNOME 
I would appreciate some feedback, comments, criticisms .

Some explainations:
* I focus on my intended size of 20px*20px. The Icons are produced in 
Illustrator (48px), than increased and refined in photoshop.
* I prefere to use "b" and "i" for bold and italic rather than "a" and 
"a". I used the same typeface like the GNOME "a"s.
* I wanted the chain-link-icon to be closed (left and right).
* The handcursor-icon might be a nice alternative as an icon for link. I 
think it is more intuitiv - though the chain is already very 
established.. What do you think?
* The next two icon represent an icon for signature (like if you wanna 
sign a comment). It's hard to make them fit into 20px. I am not 100% 
satisfied with those.. Any  helpful ideas, comments?
* The indent-icon very close to the original gnome icon, it's just a bit 
modified to fit into 20px.
* The original table icon looked like a calculator (...for some people). 
So this is my refined version, which should look more like a table.

Thank you very much!
- Hannes
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