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--- Comment #5 from Olli Salli <ollisal at gmail.com> 2010-08-20 02:31:46 PDT ---
I'll make the CM protocol branch make the fake protocol's icon name whatever
the CM protocol indicates instead of always having im-protocol, I think that's

Given that we say "+ * In general, services of interest of telepathy should be
of type 'IM'.
+ * Other service types exist but are unlikely to affect telepathy in any
way.", should we actually ignore other types in the lists returned by
ProfileManager (ie. continue the search in the search path until we find one
that is both valid AND has type == "IM", omitting the service if there's none).
The same for Profile::createForServiceName(), but Profile::createForFilename()
should still obviously return a Profile even if it has some other type.
Otherwise we end up with account creation UIs showing non-IM profiles in
dialogs for creating IM accounts...

If you start ignoring the != "IM" accounts, emit debug for each filename thus

Or do we have some other use case than "in general"?

Add a one test case which uses Profile::createByFileName() please. And if you
ignore non-IM stuff, add one non-IM profile earlier in the search path for some
service you currently have a test for (with some discerning attribute you can
check for) and check that the later one is used.

If the spec file format is sufficiently stable to do so, merge away after doing
the above trivial adjustments. I'll include this in the next release then.

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