[Bug 26527] gabble unexpectedly closing d-bus muc tubes

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Fri Feb 12 18:08:14 CET 2010


--- Comment #3 from Guillaume Desmottes <guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk>  2010-02-12 09:08:14 PST ---
Here are my partial observations from this log:

- You joined mirabeau at conference.jabber.org
- You created a tube T1 (1571899144) using the bytestream 1265898273-2625381383
- You created another tube T2 (1573115257) using the bytestream
- You created a third tube T3 (2143994341) using the bytestream
- Your app connected to these 3 D-Bus tubes

- "Coherence At Phil's" joins T2
- then T1
- then T3
- then created a new tube T4 1502302501 using 1265898368-3092784896

- You joined tube T4 and connect to it

- "Coherence At Phil's" created a new tube (T5) 1846207483 using
- You joined T5 and connect to it

- "Coherence At Phil's" created a new tube (T6) 612614435 using
- You joined T6, connect to it and send one message to it

- You received one message on T3
- You sent one (big) message on T3

- A bit later mirabeau at conference.jabber.org/Coherence At Phil's left the room
- T4's bytestream is removed by Gabble and so T4 is closed.
- So is T5
- and T6

- "Coherence At Phil's" rejoins the room with his tubes (T2, T5, T1, T3, T6)

I stopped at this point. I'll check the code but it seens weird to my that T4
is closed because its initiator left. That shouldn't happen.

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