[Bug 26434] Facebook account chat duplication issue

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Fri Feb 26 11:54:04 CET 2010


--- Comment #2 from Caius Jard <cjard at hotmail.com>  2010-02-26 02:54:03 PST ---
Steps to reproduce:

Add Pidgin proto for Conversations plugin
Register your facebook account and sign in to it
Chat to any contact that is online
Minimize or close the Conversations window to that contact
Re-open the conversation
Everything you said looks like it came from the other contact

If the conversation is long (e.g. 20+ lines of mixed your and their text) then
scroll up; the chat will just keep scrolling. You do see the messages you
wrote, eventually if you scroll up far enough. It seems the conversation wraps
around in a weird way too because you can keep scrolling forever and seeing the
same messages, sometimes appearing from you, sometimes the other person

If the readers of this list have any contact with the project maintainers
(Jonny Lamb?) can they give them a prod? If there is a better place to post the
bug, can it be advised?


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