[Bug 25493] GTalk-compatible file transfers are not implemented

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Mon Mar 22 21:40:08 CET 2010


--- Comment #17 from Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk>  2010-03-22 13:40:05 PST ---
The quick checklist:


> - remove the check for error != NULL around g_set_error -> after discussion
> with Will, I've fixed it.
> - asked to avoid 'idx' variable, forgot to say that the code was removed
> anyways

All good then :-)

Action from Youness

(In reply to comment #14)
> - Do you still want me to cherry-pick the bytestrean/bytestream typo fix ?

Yes please. If it passes make check, consider it to have been insta-reviewed.

> - You still want me to remove/refactor the 'media-type' property ?

I'd prefer FTs and (in future) Tubes to have MEDIA_TYPE_NONE, at least.

> - strict aliasing issues with g_has_table_iter_next?
> - other strict aliasing issue with content_new_channel_cb.

See above

> - Is it fine to not use gabble_generate_id?

Not really (and it'll be a net code reduction), see above

> - How about the hard-coding special treatment in GabbleJingleContent? Should I
> find a better solution to all that ?

Yes please; as I said above, I think a virtual method get_default_initiators()
should be enough?

Action from Simon

> - The whole algorithm for group_and_send_candidates was changed, any comments
> on the new algo ?

I'll have another look when I've gone through your fixes branch.

> - You got a solution to the re-entrance issues with
> gtalk_file_collection_terminate? 

Not really, I'll have another look when the branch stabilizes.

Further discussion

> - Merge jingle/share-Channel functionality into jingle-share ?

Not right now, probably, based on what you said on IRC? This can certainly wait
til the branch has stabilized again.

> - We forgot to discuss on how to handle SI vs. jingle-share decision in gabble.

I think Jingle FTs should probably be preferred, but I'm not really sure; in
the short term it depends how reliable they are :-) and in the medium term it
depends how many people have (Google relays || working ICE) vs. SOCKS5 proxies
(which probably means Jingle should be preferred, in practice).

Perhaps leave it as-is for now, but file/reference a bug as I suggested?

(In case it's not clear: I'm trying to impose the rule on all new code that
every FIXME or TODO comment has an associated bug report. Otherwise, nobody
will fix or do them (respectively), in practice :-)

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