[Bug 23151] Chan.I. Room — properties of chatrooms and chatroom-like constructs

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--- Comment #28 from Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk> 2011-01-03 06:10:05 PST ---
14:07 < jonnylamb> smcv: oh, also, does all this Subject stuff really belong in 
14:07 < jonnylamb> You can have 1-1 chats with subjects in Skype.
14:08 < smcv> fun fact: Telepathy 0.old had Chan.I.Subject
14:08 < Robot101> telepathy 0.8 had subject as a separate interface! from the 
                  department of "it was all beter 5 years ago" :P
14:08 < Robot101> smcv: ^5
14:08 < smcv> jonnylamb: I think you're probably right, we should bring back 
14:09 < jonnylamb> hmph

If a protocol has the concept of a room subject, but has a distinction between
"no subject" and "subject = ''", or "subject not known yet" and "subject = ''",
would Present be set at all times, or only when a subject is known, or only
when a non-empty subject is known? My guess would be that Present would be set
at all times (so it MUST NOT change), 

Does Can_Set mean "the protocol allows me to try to set the subject" or "I am
sufficiently privileged to actually set the subject"? If the former, it MUST
NOT change; if the latter (which I assume is what you meant), obviously it
might change. However, you can't actually tell the latter reliably in XMPP. I
researched some MUC implementations a while ago, and they don't all interpret
the informational flag in the same way :-( You can get pretty close, as Gabble
currently does for the Tp Properties.

SetSubject should probably raise NotImplemented, not InvalidArgument, on
protocols without a concept of subjects? (I assume that's what you intended
InvalidArgument to mean?)

NotCapable isn't the right error for insufficient privileges, you should use
PermissionDenied. NotCapable is about e.g. Jingle capabilities.

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