[Bug 31621] file transfer not working

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--- Comment #6 from Thomas Flüeli <tflueeli at gmail.com> 2011-01-09 03:55:57 PST ---
I finally had some time to look closer at this issue. Wireshark tells me that
gabble-r (instance that receives the file/stream-tube) successfully establishes
a TCP connection to gabble-s (the sender instance). Then three bytes are sent
(socks5 auth request). These three bytes are captured by wireshark but are
never received by gabble-s.

>From the log (gabble-s) and code I get the following:

- listener accepts new connection
- socket is set to non-blocking mode
- watches are added (one for G_IO_IN, one for G_IO_ERR)
- transport state is set to GIBBER_TRANSPORT_CONNECTED

I expect _channel_io_in() to be called by G_IO_IN watch once the three bytes
are received, but this never happens. Any idea why?

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