[Bug 33109] Telepathy-glib fails to build on blackfin

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Tiago Katcipis <tiagokatcipis at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Tiago Katcipis <tiagokatcipis at gmail.com> 2011-01-17 04:16:05 PST ---
(In reply to comment #11)
> Taking a look at configure.ac/Makefile.am/abi.am ...well a lot of stuff, it
> seems that i cant configure HAVE_LD_VERSION_SCRIPT, the generated configure
> will check if the compiler support it and will enable or disable it
> automatically, i didn't find anything to disable it.
> i could easily force it to bypass all this on configure.ac and compile, but i
> was thinking on fix that better. If I'm right and there is no way to manually
> disable this, what do you guys think about creating an option to disable it on
> configure.ac ? i could do the changes, test it and make a patch.
> or i could mess around a little more with the grep logic that breaks because of
> the extra "_" appended at the start of the symbols.
> not sure about the better option to solve the problem.

A better solution has appeared :-).
bfin-uclinux-nm was being called with a -B, changing the nm call to:

bfin-uclinux-nm --demangle=gnu

fixes the problem, the default -B is the same as --demangle=bsd.
on way to set this is by calling:

export NM="bfin-uclinux-nm --demangle=gnu"

before compiling, overriding the toolchain default -B.

thanks for all the help.

Best regards,
Tiago Katcipis

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