[Bug 24901] voicemail interface usable with at least GSM and Skype

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--- Comment #28 from Will Thompson <will.thompson at collabora.co.uk> 2011-01-25 10:52:05 PST ---
I generally like the shape of C*.I.V*. Here are a few comments though:

Maybe AllowedDuration should be included in DivertedToVoicemail () to avoid the
UI having to poll for it.

“; provides properties that can be requested on a new channel to leave a
voicemail (for protocols that support this feature).
On protocols that allow it, the RecordVoicemail property can be used to leave a
voicemail for a remote user without first placing an outgoing call.”

It looks like you meant to remove one or other of those fragments.

  Channel.TargetHandle: 0,
  Channel.TargetHandleType: Target_Handle_None,

I don't think TargetHandle should be included if THT is None.

We should note that calling a 

Supports_Placing_Voicemail_Without_Call (8)
If present, you can request a voicemail channel to a remote contact to leave a
voicemail without having to make a call that might potentially be answered.

This flag isn't necessary. You can use a requestable channel class with
RecordVoicemail: True. Removing this flag would make Conn.I.Voicemail
exclusively about retrieval.

The use of the verb ‘to herald’ is excellent.

The preamble for VoicemailRetrieval (which should have no dot between those two
words; I agree with Simon) should include a sample entry in
RequestableChannelClasses (specifically, with the Token property in Allowed).


I think having a RecordGreeting requestable property would not be bad at all.


This is crying out for a ConnectionObserver as discussed on bug 28974, so that
your voicemail UI can ensure that it's running when a connection that supports
voicemail is online.


I think Forwarding is really over-complicated, and if we could get away with a
simpler version of it that would be good. The UI I imagine would be:

  If I don't answer for [ 30 ± ] seconds, am engaged, or am offline:
    ( ) End the call
    (o) Redirect the call to voicemail
    ( ) Redirect the call to [ type recipient here_     ]

I guess you might hypothetically want to do something different in those three
scenarios… We could combine the second and third options at the Telepathy API
level by allowing you to use (say) an empty string to mean “the default
voicemail service”. Just thinking aloud here, really.

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