[Bug 24901] voicemail interface usable with at least GSM and Skype

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--- Comment #33 from David Laban <david.laban at collabora.co.uk> 2011-01-28 09:17:15 PST ---
I checked danni's voicemail spec branch and it looks like it's vaguely
backwards-compatible with SIP thanks to the limitations put in place for
cellular interop. I would need to see the final spec to see how it is affected
by the changes people have suggested though. (I've not checked out the
Forwarding spec properly, so I'll leave it to the nokia guys to say whether
that's appropriate for sip).

Suggested changes to danni's spec branch

One thing that would be nice is if the DivertedToVoicemail() signal could have
a "reason" argument (an enum including at least the values in
http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4458#section-2.2 would be ideal)

In the case of generic DTMF-based mailbox systems, it would be nice to have
this reflected a property on the *channel* (possibly bool, as Comment 23 by
Simon McVittie suggested). This could double as a hint to UIs that they will be
talking to an IVR system, and to ensure that the "speakerphone" button and DTMF
dialpad are visible on mobile handset UIs (tp:rationale anyone?).

Other SIP considerations that shouldn't require spec changes

(This is mostly a note to myself, or whoever ends up implementing voicemail in

In rfc4458 suggests that calling yourself (To==From) should be the default way
to retrieve your voicemail (this may not be the case on all SIP servers, but we
can have an optional account parameter for that, so that's not a spec problem)

suggests a way to have shared mailboxes. I think that this should be
configurable using the same account parameter as above, but it's certainly a
test case that's worth considering.

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