[Bug 39767] mission-control-5 crashed with SIGABRT in raise()

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Mon Oct 3 18:05:02 CEST 2011


--- Comment #1 from Will Thompson <will.thompson at collabora.co.uk> 2011-10-03 09:05:02 PDT ---
The assertion (in _mcd_client_proxy_handler_get_all_cb) has this comment:

    /* by now, we at least know whether the client is running or not */
    g_assert (self->priv->unique_name != NULL);

Within McdClient itself, this assertion seems accurate: the first thing done,
upon construction, is to add a name owner watch for the well-known name; the
callback sets unique_name to "" if the name has no owner. The watch callback
should definitely fire before the callback for the GetAll method calls made
after the name owner watch is set up.

However… _mcd_client_proxy_set_active(), which is responsible for setting
priv->unique_name, will set it to NULL if it is passed NULL.
_mcd_client_registry_found_name() may call it with NULL, in the callback for a
call to ListNames made at MC startup time…

I don't really understand the code in the client registry. It's not clear to me
at all why the client registry should ever update the client's unique name—the
client has its own name owner watch on the well-known name.

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