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--- Comment #2 from George Kiagiadakis <kiagiadakis.george at gmail.com> 2011-09-26 02:46:14 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> 09:45 < oggis_> so also, this tpDebugCallback proposed would actually lose the
> KDebug part of the constructed debug object and it'd turn into a bare QDebug
> instead (however much that matters)

fyi, KDebug is not a subclass of QDebug. It's another object that is used as a
C++ syntax trick to pass the __FILE__ and __LINE__ constants to kDebugStream().
In the end, it returns a QDebug object constructed with the QDebug(QIODevice*)
constructor, which then redirects everything to the QIODevice.

So, redirecting to a file with Daniele's approach would be something like:

static QIODevice *s_file; //or better, Q/K_GLOBAL_STATIC

QDebug tpDebugCallback(QtMsgType type) {
    //possibly redirect to a different file or /dev/null depending on the type
    return QDebug(s_file);

int main() {
   s_file = new QFile("/foo/bar");

And it is not limited at all, since you can create a QIODevice subclass and do
anything (see kdebug.cpp for examples).

That said, I am not particularly in favor of one approach over the other. I
think both approaches are similar in terms of possibilities and ease of use.

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