[Bug 31729] use TpBaseContactList in Salut

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--- Comment #2 from Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk> 2011-09-29 04:17:04 PDT ---
I'm not really keen on "priv->roster" as the name of the set of contacts: the
roster is an XMPP construct that link-local XMPP explicitly doesn't use, and
someone carefully avoided calling this object SalutRoster. priv->contacts?

> +static gboolean
> +contact_manager_get_contact_list_persists (TpBaseContactList *self)
> +{
> + return FALSE;

You could use tp_base_contact_list_false_func instead of reimplementing it.

> + base_connection = tp_base_contact_list_get_connection (
> + (TpBaseContactList *) self, NULL);
> + self->connection = SALUT_CONNECTION (base_connection);

Borrowed reference. Can you ref it, and release the ref on disconnection? (It
might not be safe to do so - it isn't in Gabble, due to internal assumptions
that it's safe to use the Roster right until the bitter end - in which case you
should comment it instead.)

> + /* Not really already received, but we cannot know when initial set
> + * is fetched */

The Avahi backend, at least, ought to be able to signal received when Avahi

> + /* No variant taking a GError*, really? */
> + tp_base_contact_list_set_list_failed ((TpBaseContactList *) self,
> + err->domain, err->code, err->message);

Add one to telepathy-glib taking a const GError * if you really want to, but I
don't think this is really any harder to use.

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