[telepathy-gabble/master] More NEWS for 0.7.27

Will Thompson will.thompson at collabora.co.uk
Thu May 7 07:26:34 PDT 2009

 NEWS |   16 ++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index f315d02..3d9fe03 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -12,10 +12,26 @@ Enhancements:
 * Use ContactCapabilities draft to communicate file transfer support.
 * Implement latest tube new API DRAFT. {Offer,Accept}{DBus,Stream}Tube
   methods and the StreamTubeNewConnection signal have been renamed.
+* The build system now uses Shave to produce kernel-style easy-to-read
+  output from make. (You need to explicitly enable this with
+  ./configure --enable-shave.)
+* It is now possible to request StreamedMedia channels with audio and/or
+  video from the start, using the InitialAudio and InitialVideo
+  properties, and to see from a channel's immutable properties (as also
+  seen in NewChannels) whether it (initially) contained audio and/or
+  video. (References fd.o#20830.)
 * Include private D-Bus tube and muc tube channels in Requests's Channels property.
+* StreamedMedia channels' group flags are now more spec-compliant.
+  (Fixes fd.o#20578.)
+* When a contact doesn't have an alias, their full JID is used as the
+  fallback, rather than the local part. (Fixes fd.o#21295.)
+* When setting an avatar fails, an appropriate error is now emitted.
+  (Fixes fd.o#20442 (not #20422 as the git history claims).)
+* The lifecycles of several Jingle-related objects have been cleared up,
+  fixing a number of Jingle crashes.
 telepathy-gabble 0.7.26 (2009-04-08)

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