Nominating Debarshi Ray for commit access

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at
Mon Mar 28 04:04:30 PDT 2011

Le lundi 28 mars 2011 à 11:51 +0100, Will Thompson a écrit :
> Hello, glorious reviewers,
> Debarshi Ray—rishi on #telepathy—has been giving Idle some much-needed
> love and care recently. Over half of the patches since 0.1.8 which
> actually touch src/ (as opposed to being NEWS updates, etc.) are either
> directly from him, or are long-neglected patches that he revived and
> polished. He has a tonne of further patches in progress, including
> support for ContactInfo and SimplePresence in ways that won't make
> servers hate us. While working on these, he's proven to be good at
> responding to review feedback, and at discussing possible approaches to
> problems on IRC.
> So, per <>, I nominate
> him for commit access to the git repositories.
> Seconds? Objections?

I'll trust the word of the ones who reviewed his patches and I'm all in
favour to attract new contributors.


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