[Ipcf] few questions and comments

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Wed Nov 9 15:10:01 EET 2005

I'll just reply to the ones in my area (voip, sip)

Ricardo Kekki wrote:
> 9. What about MSRP? If SIP instant messaging is done with that, the CM
> would do it, but if e.g. a file is sent over MSRP, the UI would set up a
> StreamedMedia and then create it's own MSRP session? I don't have a
> proposal on what would be the right way to do this, but it should maybe
> be thought a bit.

The idea for file transfer in general would be to have a file transfer
channel (akin to the streamed media channel), that would presumably do
something like exchange information on a seperate dbus bus instance to
transfer the file on, or maybe a filesystem location to act as a
download area*, and file transfer progress.
So the client would simply ask for a file transfer channel on the sip
connection,just as it would for the file transfer channel on a jabber

(* However, I know Robert McQueen isn't keen on allowing the connection
managers to have filesystem write access for security)

> 10. Who actually sends and recieves the RTP packets? The VoIP engine I would
> assume? The StreamedMedia explanation could be clearer on this matter.

Indeed, the client of the streamed media channel should use the
exchanged SDP to initialise and control RTP streams. I'll add some docs
to that effect

> 12. The UI components must perform significant amounts of string
> comparision.
> I see the point of using strings as generic data type, but maybe it
> should be considered if some of the string-based systems could be
> replaced with some numerical values.
> e.g. give all contacts numerical ID and use those instead of an string.
> As all the components probabaly any way need to store a contact list
> locally, they can get the strings from there.

This might be a sensible option. Rob?


Rob Taylor

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