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Ali Sabil ali.sabil at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 08:35:39 PDT 2006

Hi Roelof,

You have done a good job actually :) but i'd like to comment on a few

- Concerning the mapping between FL, RL, AL and BL and the Telepathy lists,
those are not exactly the same,
actually, MSN lists are a bit confusing and depends on other parameters like
PL, and GTC, so you should maybe
check the semantics of the MSN lists and Telepathy's ones.

- From what i have seen, your library API is actually very high level and
almost match Telepathy's one. Maybe you
should simply try to hide the inconsistence of the MSN protocol and not try
to abstract too much if you are planning to
build an MSN library. This is what I have done with pymsn, it has basically
two main classes each abstracting the NS protocol
and the SB protocol :)

- Concerning the MSN  specific features,  personally  I think you should
forget about them for now,  you can at least
implement them in the library, but for the connection manager, we should
maybe settle first on a set of interfaces.

Thank you for contributing to the Telepathy project ;)

Ali Sabil
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