[Telepathy] gossip-telepathy status

Eitan Isaacson eitan at ascender.com
Sun Aug 6 20:18:14 PDT 2006


I have been making progress in the last week with gossip - telepathy
integration, my code is pretty sloppy, in the thought that it will
mostly be ad-hoc anyway until we start moving on a separate CVS branch.
that day has come!

Since Telepathy basically abstracts all protocol-specific stuff, there
will be some architectural changes, for one thing 'protocols/*' will
turn obsolete, since we will not be dealing with multiple protocols
anymore, we leave that job to various connection managers over d-bus,
with a common abstracted API.

This requires plenty of changes in libgossip itself, for example,
GossipAccount must be further generalized than it already is.
Also the polymorphism that drives GossipProtocol will be unnecessary,
since there will be only one "protocol".

The feedback that I am interested to get now has more to do with the
actual source tree. Today it looks roughly like this:

protocols/* - implementation of various protocols (today we only have
protocols/jabber), all have a common interface (connect, disconnect,

libgossip/ - implementation of all the gobjects and datatypes that are
needed in an IM program.

src/ - all the UI stuff. interfaces with libgossip.

I would like it to like look this:

libtpgossip/ - All telepathy-facing code, it will replace protocols/,
and will have long function names, like

libgossip/ - same as above, obviously interfaces plenty with

src/ - same as above, could arguably interface directly with libtpgossip
since it will have more of a static standing in the source tree. so it
could use some utility functions, like listing all connection managers
installed, and such.

That's it. Nothing is too petty, please tell me what you think ;)


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