[Telepathy] changes to StreamedMedia channel interface

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Tue Aug 8 08:52:39 PDT 2006

Hey folks,

See attached patch which proposes some changes to the streamed media
channel interface, to allow the controlling program (voice/video call
UI) to control the types of stream within a streamed media channel.

In summary:
 * The GetStreams method has been renamed to ListStreams, and each
stream within the channel is identified by a channel-unique integer.
 * RequestStreams can be used to request new streams of certain types
with the given channel member.
 * Streams being added and removed from the call are signalled by the
StreamAdded and StreamRemoved signals.
 * Acceptance of streams will be indicated by a change of state (via the
StreamStateChanged signal) from STOPPED to CONNECTING.
 * Streams which are rejected will be removed.

The behaviour of Gabble will change such that adding a member to a
streamed media channel will not automatically create any new streams,
but will just control whether or not incoming streams from these members
are accepted and passed to the stream engine. This changes nothing for
incoming calls, but means that outgoing calls will need to use
RequestStreams to indicate what kind of media you would like to try and
include in the call.

How does this sound to everyone?

Robert McQueen
Director, Collabora Ltd.
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