[Telepathy] telepathy-gabble 0.3.1 released

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 12:14:30 PDT 2006

I've just tagged and uploaded a new release of Gabble, our XMPP backend.
As previously announced, gabble 0.3.x is targetting the 0.13.x spec
version. I've tagged the spec version 0.13.2 which is what Gabble now
currently implements, and uploaded it to the usual location:

Incompatible changes in the spec which you should be aware of:
 - replaced ConnMgr::GetMandatoryParameters, GetOptionalParameters and
    GetParameterDefaults with GetParameters
 - replaced ConnMgr::Connect with RequestConnection and Conn::Connect,
    to avoid the race condition where the object fails and disconnects
    before you knew what it was called
 - replaced all Conn::*Handle methods with *Handles
 - arguments added to Channel.Interface.Group::MembersChanged signal to
    include an actor and a reason
 - Channel.Type.Text::Receive now includes message flags to indicate eg
 - Channel.Type.Text::ListPendingMessages takes a boolean to clear the

Tarball at:

Changes in this release:
 - changes to Telepathy spec version 0.13.2
 - adds a "block" list channel using the Google roster extensions
 - generate the .manager file at build time from the source's
    definitions of the parameters and their defaults
 - debugging can be disabled entirely with --disable-debug
 - add a new GABBLE_DEBUG environment variable so that debug verbosity
    can be changed at run-time, for everything use GABBLE_DEBUG=all
 - replaced GABBLE_PERSIST with GABBLE_DEBUG=persist (also enabled when
    you say 'all')

Robert McQueen
Director, Collabora Ltd.

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