[Telepathy] End of SoC

Mads Chr. Olesen telepathy-ml at shiyee.dk
Sat Aug 19 13:58:44 PDT 2006

Hello list!

As some of you may have been aware of, I have been working this summer
on making it easy to write collaborative application using Telepathy.
This has involved fiddling a lot with Jabber Socks5 Bytestreams, sockets
in general, Gabble in particular and D-Bus.

The end result is that it is possible to request an "AppConnect" channel
to contacts, and either open a listening UNIX socket for the
server/initiator, or connect to a UNIX socket for the client (Don't
worry if this sounds dangerous, it's mostly all handled by D-Bus).

A bi-product is that I have implemented file transfers for Gabble,
however using a spec for file transfers that is not perfect. The current
spec has the connection manager opening the files, which was the easy
way to spec it, but not the perfect solution, as the general consensus
has been (on IRC) that the file should be opened by the client and
transfered to the connection manager by a private D-Bus connection -
This is exactly how the "AppConnect" channels work, so it should be
relatively straight forward to refactor the FileTransfer channels.

My darcs repository is uploading to
http://shiyee.dk/fileadmin/telepathy-gabble/ , and an example client
application is available at
http://shiyee.dk/fileadmin/dbus-tests/appconn.c .
Patches to the mailing list will follow shortly.

I will be unavailable for the next week, as I'm on vacation in Cyprus.
I'm looking forward to getting your feedback when I come home, and
improving Telepathy in the future.

Thanks for the ride, it's been tough, but worth it ;-)

Mads Chr. Olesen <telepathy-ml at shiyee.dk>

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