[Telepathy] connection manager discovery

Jimen Ching jching at flex.com
Thu Aug 31 03:40:16 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I've just tried gossip using the telepathy back-end and I have a question
about the telepathy spec.

The spec says the client needs to read a disk file to determine the
available d-bus connection manager services available.  I'm curious why
this approach was chosen.  In most modern client-server architectures, the
client doesn't keep track of which services are available.  I.e. protocols
like CORBA have directory services where a client can go to query for
available services.  What advantage is there for the client application to
maintain a local file of services available at the server?

Doesn't this approach open up a potential for a misconfigured system where
the service isn't available, but the file says it is?

Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)      jching at flex.com     wh6brr at uhm.ampr.org

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