[Telepathy] XML files for the telepathy spec?

Tobias Hunger tobias at aquazul.com
Thu Aug 31 05:06:56 PDT 2006

Hello all!

I just asked on #telepathy how to create the xml files required by tools like 
dbusxml2cpp to generate language bindings for telepathy.

The recommended way seems to be to checkout telepathy-spec via darcs and then 
use the genxml.py script found in the tools/ subfolder. genxml.py requires 
a .def-file several of which can be found in tools/.

The problem with this approach is that there is no def-file to 
build "official" xml bindings for the telepathy spec. I need to write Qt4 
bindings for telepathy and was asked to use libtelepathy.def (which was said 
to have some stuff missing but seems to include others that is not yet part 
of the spec!) and adjust those to my needs.

I would greatly appreciate a official set of XML files. Would it be possible 
for someone to add a make target to generate offical XML files instead of 
having users figure out the undocumented genxml.py script?

Best regards,
Tobias Hunger
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